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#Movie TitleYearCountryNr.PriceDate of purchase
1)Blu-ray Mai dire mai1983Italy21395,0002.06.2017
2)Blu-ray 10 anni di Blu-ray Paramount2016Italy10,0007.10.2017
3)Blu-ray 10 Things I Hate About You1999United Kingdom14237,1404.11.2012
4)DVD Die 21971Germany48820,0208.10.2008
5)Blu-ray 20122009Germany15445,1222.06.2013
6)Blu-ray 24: Season Eight: Die finale Season2010Germany26337,9629.04.2020
7)Blu-ray 24: Season Seven2009Germany26316,5229.04.2020
8)Blu-ray 3 Engel für Charlie2000Germany17857,9909.03.2015
9)Blu-ray 3 Engel für Charlie: Volle Power2003Germany17916,6709.03.2015
10)Blu-ray 30 Rock: The Complete Series2006United States290127,9211.01.2021
11)Blu-ray 300 / 300: L'alba di un Impero2014Italy6,0011.03.2015
12)DVD 44 Minutes2003Germany6583,5014.03.2009
13)Blu-ray Die 5. Welle2016Germany30348,4925.08.2021
14)Blu-ray 8 Blickwinkel2008Germany24403,9918.08.2019
15)Blu-ray About a Boy2002Germany20065,0001.08.2016
16)Blu-ray Absolute Giganten1999Germany16426,0006.09.2014
17)Blu-ray Absolute Power1997Germany17035,0018.11.2014
18)Blu-ray Abwärts1984Germany34,9822.11.2021
19)Blu-ray AC/DC: Live at Donington1992Germany7329,9922.05.2009
20)Blu-ray AC/DC: Let There Be Rock1980Germany125910,9715.09.2011
21)Blu-ray The Accountant2016Italy26124,0029.02.2020
22)Blu-ray Ace Ventura: Pet Detective / Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls1994United States7,4326.11.2014
23)Blu-ray The Act of Killing2012Germany16556,0006.10.2014
24)Blu-ray Kelly's Heroes / Where Eagles Dare1968United States13,9514.06.2010
25)Blu-ray Last Man Standing / The Last Boy Scout1991United States83619,5714.06.2010
26)Blu-ray Ad Astra2019Germany30263,0020.07.2021
27)Blu-ray After the Sunset2004Germany18246,0011.08.2015
28)DVD Agent Red - Ein tödlicher Auftrag2000Germany44,9927.12.2003
29)Blu-ray Air Force One1997Germany20786,9928.02.2017
30)Blu-ray Airplane!1980United Kingdom22044,5430.10.2017
31)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock Collection1942Germany124,9910.07.2012
32)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock Collection1951Germany14,7301.12.2012
33)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock Collection1954Italy276330,6620.09.2020
34)Blu-ray Alien Anthology1979Germany44,9526.11.2010
35)Blu-ray Alien vs. Predator : L'Intégrale de la saga2004France11,3926.04.2019
36)Blu-ray Alita: Battle Angel2019Germany27282,8330.07.2020
37)Blu-ray Alles eine Frage der Zeit2013Germany20355,2707.11.2016
38)Blu-ray Almost Famous2000United Kingdom13219,4929.03.2012
39)Blu-ray America's Sweethearts2001Germany21913,6023.10.2017
40)DVD American Heroes 21997United Kingdom2,1602.08.2010
41)Blu-ray American Pie 1,2,3 & Das Klassentreffen1999Germany36,3409.09.2012
42)Blu-ray American Sniper2015Germany19456,0025.12.2015
43)Blu-ray Anarchia: La notte del giudizio2014Italy20703,2516.12.2016
44)Blu-ray Anatomie 1 & 22000Germany303718,0026.08.2021
45)Blu-ray Andromeda - Tödlicher Staub aus dem All1971Germany20995,0013.03.2017
46)DVD Anguish1987United States25540.0017.12.2019
47)Blu-ray Der Anschlag2002Germany21332,9929.05.2017
48)Blu-ray Antichrist2009Germany15435,1222.06.2013
49)Blu-ray Argo2012Germany15676,0004.09.2013
50)Blu-ray Arma letale1987Italy21193,5204.05.2017
Number of DVDs 3358
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  The 12 latest DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Police Story Box

Year of Production: 1985
Running Time: 334 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 5,00 EUR on 24.11.2021

(Release Date: 30.10.2015)
Mörderischer Tausch

Year of Production: 1996
Running Time: 115 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 5,00 EUR on 21.11.2021

(Release Date: 14.08.2015)
Mörderischer Tausch 2

Year of Production: 1998
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 5,00 EUR on 21.11.2021

(Release Date: 30.03.2018)

Year of Production: 2021
Running Time: 92 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.com
for 19,53 EUR on 20.11.2021

(Release Date: 22.06.2021)
Star Trek
The Original 4-Movie Collection

Year of Production: 1979
Running Time: 512 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.es
for 40,09 EUR on 20.11.2021

(Release Date: 09.09.2021)
Bourne: The Ultimate Collection

Year of Production: 2002
Running Time: 602 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.fr
for 49,99 EUR on 19.11.2021

(Release Date: 06.12.2016)
Harry Potter: 8-Film Collection

Year of Production: 2001
Running Time: 1179 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.es
for 36,77 EUR on 13.11.2021

(Release Date: 27.11.2017)
Private Parts

Year of Production: 1997
Running Time: 110 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 15.09.2020)

Year of Production: 1993
Running Time: 138 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 11.02.2021)
Housesitter - Lügen haben schöne Beine

Year of Production: 1992
Running Time: 102 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 27.09.2018)
König der Fischer

Year of Production: 1991
Running Time: 138 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 13.06.2013)

Year of Production: 2012
Running Time: 55 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 30.08.2013)
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Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Edition Deutsche Vita

Year of Production: 1984
Running Time: 0 Minutes
Ordered at OFDB.de
for 34,98 EUR the 22.11.2021

(Release Date: 29.11.2021)
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