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Region: A
#Movie TitleYearCountryNr.PriceDate of purchase
1)Blu-ray 24: Redemption2008Japan261418,5704.05.2020
2)Blu-ray 24: Season 12001Japan260818,5704.05.2020
3)Blu-ray 24: Season 22002Japan260918,5704.05.2020
4)Blu-ray 24: Season 32003Japan261018,5704.05.2020
5)Blu-ray 24: Season 42005Japan261118,5704.05.2020
6)Blu-ray 24: Season 52006Japan261218,5704.05.2020
7)Blu-ray 24: Season 62007Japan261318,5704.05.2020
8)Blu-ray (500) Days of Summer2009Germany105210,0004.10.2010
9)Blu-ray The A-Team2010United Kingdom12209,4917.07.2011
10)Blu-ray Aerosmith: Rock For The Rising Sun2011United States17863,8209.03.2015
11)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock: The Classic Collection1940United States15,8204.12.2013
12)Blu-ray All the Right Moves1983United States130410,7114.03.2012
13)Blu-ray American Psycho2000Canada11316,4324.12.2010
14)Blu-ray Angel Heart/Johnny Handsome: Legends Blu-ray 2-Pack2010Canada13547,9029.09.2012
15)Blu-ray Any Given Sunday/Varsity Blues/We are Marshall1999United States0.00
16)Blu-ray Avatar2009United Kingdom127415,9824.11.2011
17)Blu-ray AVP Double Feature2004United States10,0004.05.2019
18)Blu-ray Battleship2012United States142610,3726.11.2012
19)Blu-ray A Beautiful Mind / Cinderella Man2001United States7,7407.03.2018
20)Blu-ray Behind Enemy Lines2001United States16833,3423.11.2014
21)Blu-ray Black Sea2014Germany19595,0030.06.2016
22)Blu-ray Bronson1982United States290113,6812.02.2021
23)Blu-ray The Cabin in the Woods2012United States143110,4522.11.2012
24)Blu-ray The Cannonball Run1981United States133611,4802.08.2012
25)Blu-ray The Cider House Rules1999United States12753,7121.11.2011
26)Blu-ray Cinema Paradiso1988United States14878,9812.04.2013
27)Blu-ray Commando1985United States17593,2025.11.2014
28)Blu-ray The Critters Collection1986United States282225,2120.11.2020
29)Blu-ray The Curse of Doctor Wolffenstein2015United States248110,0017.11.2019
30)Blu-ray Damnation Alley1977United States21030.0025.05.2017
31)Blu-ray Dante's Peak / Daylight1996United States11,0815.02.2018
32)Blu-ray Dark Angel1990United States217711,1114.10.2017
33)Blu-ray Day of the Dead1985United States29820.0030.06.2021
34)Blu-ray Deep Purple: Phoenix Rising1975United States27375,0015.09.2020
35)Blu-ray Deep Red1975United Kingdom21596,9207.10.2017
36)Blu-ray The Dictator2012United States146510,5618.10.2012
37)Blu-ray Dollhouse: The Complete Season 22009United States127613,7321.11.2011
38)Blu-ray Duplex/My Boss's Daughter2003United States0.00
39)Blu-ray Entourage: The Complete Series2004United States83,1610.12.2012
40)Blu-ray Escape From New York1981United States21040.0027.05.2017
41)Blu-ray Exit Speed2008United States17854,2909.03.2015
42)Blu-ray Father of the Bride / Father of the Bride Part II1991United States15,3207.06.2013
43)Blu-ray First Blood1982United Kingdom13293,2903.08.2012
44)Blu-ray Friday Night Lights / The Express2004United States9,0009.03.2014
45)Blu-ray Friday the 13th Collection1980United States2770145,6418.10.2020
46)Blu-ray G.I. Joe: Retaliation2013United States15829,2104.12.2013
47)Blu-ray A Good Day to Die Hard2013United States17623,2025.11.2014
48)Blu-ray Gridiron Gang2006United States16855,0223.11.2014
49)Blu-ray Halloween: The Complete Collection1978United States94,9524.09.2014
50)Blu-ray Hellsing Ultimate2006United States29810.0030.06.2021
Number of DVDs 3391
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  The 12 latest DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Riki-Oh: The Story of Ricky
Limited Edition

Year of Production: 1991
Running Time: 92 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.co.uk
for 17,54 EUR on 21.04.2022

(Release Date: 27.09.2021)
The Sadness
2-Disc Limited Steelbook Edition

Year of Production: 2021
Running Time: 100 Minutes
Bought at Movieside
for 25,00 EUR on 16.04.2022

(Release Date: 15.04.2022)
Taxi Legacy
5-Movie Collection

Year of Production: 1998
Running Time: 456 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 15,00 EUR on 03.04.2022

(Release Date: 06.12.2019)
Blast Heroes

Year of Production: 1986
Running Time: 88 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 10,00 EUR on 01.04.2022

(Release Date: 24.03.2022)

Year of Production: 2007
Running Time: 126 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.co.uk
for 21,78 EUR on 18.03.2022

(Release Date: 14.03.2022)
Wer spinnt denn da, Herr Doktor?

Year of Production: 1982
Running Time: 78 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 17.03.2022

(Release Date: 09.10.2014)
Der Hauptmann

Year of Production: 2017
Running Time: 119 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
on 17.03.2022

(Release Date: 07.09.2018)
Nachts im Museum: Das geheimnisvolle Grabmal

Year of Production: 2014
Running Time: 98 Minutes
Bought at Rebuy
for 3,49 EUR on 02.03.2022

(Release Date: 30.04.2015)

Year of Production: 2000
Running Time: 99 Minutes
Bought at Rebuy
for 2,99 EUR on 02.03.2022

(Release Date: 23.10.2020)
True Romance

Year of Production: 1993
Running Time: 121 Minutes
Bought at Zavvi
for 22,86 EUR on 22.02.2022

(Release Date: 18.10.2021)
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

Year of Production: 2010
Running Time: 99 Minutes
Bought at JPC
for 5,49 EUR on 09.02.2022

(Release Date: 03.05.2012)
American Gangster

Year of Production: 2007
Running Time: 176 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.fr
for 4,21 EUR on 09.02.2022

(Release Date: 23.10.2008)
  The 4 last ordered DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Black Jack

Year of Production: 1998
Running Time: 112 Minutes
Ordered at Pretz Media
for 9,99 EUR the 23.04.2022

(Release Date: 19.08.2020)

Year of Production: 1998
Running Time: 86 Minutes
Ordered at Pretz Media
for 9,99 EUR the 23.04.2022

(Release Date: 30.05.2003)
4 Film Favorites: Final Destination Collection

Year of Production: 2000
Running Time: 363 Minutes
Ordered at WOW HD
for 23,43 EUR the 16.04.2022

(Release Date: 03.09.2013)
John Carpenter's The Thing

Year of Production: 1982
Running Time: 109 Minutes
Ordered at Amazon
for 10,00 EUR the 15.04.2022

(Release Date: 05.12.2019)
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