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Tag: Boxset - Keiner Nummer
#Movie TitleYearCountryNr.PriceDate of purchase
1)Blu-ray 10 anni di Blu-ray Paramount2016Italy10,0007.10.2017
2)Blu-ray 10 anni di Blu-ray Sony2016Italy10,0019.09.2017
3)DVD 24 Season 1 + 22001Germany80,0002.05.2005
4)Blu-ray 300 / 300: L'alba di un Impero2014Italy6,0011.03.2015
5)Blu-ray 4 Film Favorites: Final Destination Collection2000United States312123,4316.04.2022
6)DVD Die Abenteuer von Indiana Jones1981Germany30,0026.12.2003
7)Blu-ray Ace Ventura: Pet Detective / Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls1994United States7,4326.11.2014
8)Blu-ray Kelly's Heroes / Where Eagles Dare1968United States13,9514.06.2010
9)Blu-ray The Agent: OSS 117: Der Spion, der sich liebte | OSS 117: Er selbst ist sich genug2006Germany12,9910.04.2012
10)DVD Akira Kurosawa: Samurai Edition1954Germany9,9708.02.2010
11)DVD Alf - Die komplette Serie1990Germany12,9907.09.2016
12)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock Collection1954Italy270230,6620.09.2020
13)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock Collection1951Germany14,7301.12.2012
14) Alfred Hitchcock Collection1942Italy313253,9303.06.2022
15)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock Collection1942Germany124,9910.07.2012
16)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock: The Classic Collection1940United States15,8204.12.2013
17)Blu-ray Alien Anthology1979Germany44,9526.11.2010
18)Blu-ray Alien vs. Predator : L'Intégrale de la saga2004France11,3926.04.2019
19)DVD American Heroes 21997United Kingdom2,1602.08.2010
20)Blu-ray American Pie 1,2,3 & Das Klassentreffen1999Germany36,3409.09.2012
21)Blu-ray Anatomie 1 & 22000Germany297618,0026.08.2021
22)DVD Asterix - Box1967Germany21,9530.10.2008
23)Blu-ray Austin Powers Collection1997United States18,4604.03.2012
24)Blu-ray AVP Double Feature2004United States10,0004.05.2019
25)Blu-ray Baby Driver / Premium Rush2012Germany29743,9926.08.2021
26)Blu-ray Back to the Future Trilogy1985United Kingdom51,5225.10.2010
27)Blu-ray Bad Boys I & II1995France20,9229.12.2019
28)DVD Bad Teacher / Einfach Zu Haben0Germany9,9927.08.2015
29)Blu-ray Banshee: Saison 1 - 42013France36,0017.12.2016
30)Blu-ray Batman: The Motion Picture Anthology 1989-19971989United Kingdom34,9919.05.2009
31)Blu-ray A Beautiful Mind / Cinderella Man2001United States7,7407.03.2018
32)DVD Becker: The Complete Series1998United States28,4714.03.2019
33)Blu-ray Best of Hollywood - Zwei Filme. Ein Preis! Arrival, Blade Runner 20492019Germany5,0029.05.2020
34)Blu-ray Best of Hollywood: Jack und Jill / Der Chaos-Dad2011Germany3,0017.11.2019
35)Blu-ray Best of Hollywood: Klick / 50 Erste Dates0Germany5,0013.12.2015
36)DVD A Better Tomorrow Trilogy1986Germany7,0005.03.2006
37)Blu-ray Beverly Hills Cop Collection1984United Kingdom0.0030.10.2017
38)Blu-ray The Biggest Focker Collection Ever2000United Kingdom19,9810.09.2012
39)Blu-ray Body Heat/L.A. Confidential/The Player: Triple Feature1981United States0.0021.05.2013
40)Blu-ray Bond 501962United Kingdom114,8529.09.2012
41)Blu-ray Das Boot1981Germany29,9724.11.2019
42)Blu-ray Bourne: The Ultimate Collection2002United States303849,9919.11.2021
43)Blu-ray Breaking Bad: La serie completa2008Italy29,5408.07.2015
44)Blu-ray Bridget Jones's Diary / Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason2001United Kingdom6,5114.01.2019
45)Blu-ray Bronson1982United States286713,6812.02.2021
46)Blu-ray Bud & Terence Hoch Zehn1970Germany35,8425.09.2015
47)Blu-ray Bud Spencer & Terence Hill: 10er Haudegen Box1968Germany35,8425.09.2015
48)DVD Terence Hill / Bud Spencer Collector's Box1970Germany27,0010.08.2006
49)DVD Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Complete DVD Collection1996United Kingdom51,3927.08.2011
50)Blu-ray Caddyshack - Wahnsinn ohne Handicap / Spione wie wir1980Germany6,9727.12.2012
Number of DVDs 3456
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  The 12 latest DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Stirb Langsam Collection

Year of Production: 2018
Running Time: 613 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 20,00 EUR on 14.07.2022

(Release Date: 13.09.2018)
Rambo: Last Blood

Year of Production: 2019
Running Time: 101 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 10,00 EUR on 13.07.2022

(Release Date: 31.01.2020)
Nameless - Total Terminator

Year of Production: 1991
Running Time: 96 Minutes
Bought at Pretz Media
for 12,99 EUR on 25.06.2022

(Release Date: 30.01.2020)
Cold Blooded
2-Disc Limited Collector's Edition Mediabook

Year of Production: 1995
Running Time: 93 Minutes
Bought at Pretz Media
for 12,99 EUR on 25.06.2022

(Release Date: 26.05.2022)
F-117A - Stealth-War

Year of Production: 1992
Running Time: 93 Minutes
Bought at Pretz Media
for 4,99 EUR on 25.06.2022

(Release Date: )

Year of Production: 1991
Running Time: 104 Minutes
Bought at Pretz Media
for 9,99 EUR on 25.06.2022

(Release Date: 15.10.2021)
Ex Drummer

Year of Production: 2007
Running Time: 105 Minutes
Bought at Rebuy
for 17,63 EUR on 24.06.2022

(Release Date: )
The Patriot

Year of Production: 1998
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Bought at Rebuy
for 6,93 EUR on 24.06.2022

(Release Date: )
The Losers

Year of Production: 2010
Running Time: 97 Minutes
Bought at Rebuy
for 1,59 EUR on 24.06.2022

(Release Date: 21.01.2011)
Scary Movie / Scary Movie 2 / Scary Movie 3
Triple Feature

Year of Production: 2000
Running Time: 378 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.com
for 15,00 EUR on 17.06.2022

(Release Date: 29.02.2012)
Saw - 8 Film Collection

Year of Production: 2004
Running Time: 780 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.com
for 15,00 EUR on 17.06.2022

(Release Date: 18.12.2018)
A Time to Kill / The Pelican Brief / The Client
Triple Feature

Year of Production: 1993
Running Time: 411 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.com
for 15,00 EUR on 17.06.2022

(Release Date: 14.10.2014)
  The 1 last ordered DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Neon Genesis Evangelion - Limited Collector's Edition
Collector's Edition

Year of Production: 1995
Running Time: 780 Minutes
Ordered at Amazon.es
for 34,00 EUR the 14.07.2022

(Release Date: 03.12.2021)
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