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#Movie TitleYearCountryNr.PriceDate of purchase
1)DVD Texas Payback1994Germany19483,0109.01.2016
2)Blu-ray 10 anni di Blu-ray Paramount2016Italy10,0007.10.2017
3)DVD 10 Jahre "TV Total" - Die Jubiläums-DVD1999Germany161719,9427.02.2009
4)Blu-ray 20122009Germany15445,1222.06.2013
5)DVD 3-Way2004Germany10385,0012.09.2010
6)DVD Die 36 Kammern der Shaolin1978Germany25460.0017.12.2019
7)Blu-ray 47 Ronin2013Italy22167,1007.11.2017
8)Blu-ray 9½ Wochen1986Germany24687,0016.08.2019
9)Blu-ray A.I. intelligenza artificiale2001Italy26094,0029.02.2020
10)DVD The Abyss1989Germany9210.0018.03.2010
11)Blu-ray AC/DC: Let There Be Rock1980Germany125910,9715.09.2011
12)Blu-ray The Act of Killing2012Germany16556,0006.10.2014
13)DVD The Adventures of Brisco County, Jr.: The Complete Series1993United States47933,9030.09.2008
14)Blu-ray Aerosmith: Rock For The Rising Sun2011United States18073,8209.03.2015
15)DVD Against the Wall1994Germany253,3015.08.2004
16)DVD Agent Red - Ein tödlicher Auftrag2000Germany44,9927.12.2003
17)DVD Akira Kurosawa: Samurai Edition1954Germany9,9708.02.2010
18)DVD Alf - Die komplette Serie1990Germany12,9907.09.2016
19)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock: The Classic Collection1940United States15,8204.12.2013
20)DVD Alibi - Ihr kleines schmutziges Geheimnis ist bei uns sicher2006Germany9682,0005.05.2010
21)Blu-ray All the Right Moves1983United States132010,7114.03.2012
22)DVD Ambushed1998Germany10691,9523.10.2010
23)DVD American Dragons1998United Kingdom12393,2012.08.2011
24)DVD American Gangster2007Germany6449,9707.03.2009
25)DVD An American Haunting2005United States13010.0017.12.2011
26)DVD American Heroes 21997United Kingdom2,1602.08.2010
27)DVD Amityville Horror1979Germany5553,0028.11.2008
28)DVD The Amityville Horror2005Germany9731,0005.05.2010
29)Blu-ray Andromeda - Tödlicher Staub aus dem All1971Germany20995,0013.03.2017
30)DVD Anguish1987United States25540.0017.12.2019
31)DVD Armour of God: Der rechte Arm der Götter1986Germany1207,9904.08.2007
32)Blu-ray Die Ärzte: Die Nacht der Dämonen Live2013Germany168518,0015.11.2014
33)DVD Die Ärzte: Killer2000Germany4080.0028.06.2008
34)DVD Ask the Dust2006Germany5133,0031.10.2008
35)DVD The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford2007United Kingdom6773,9903.04.2009
36)DVD Asterix & Obelix: Mission Kleopatra2002Germany3120.0015.01.2008
37)DVD Asterix - Box1967Germany21,9530.10.2008
38)Blu-ray Auf den Schwingen des Todes1987Germany26646,3912.06.2020
39)Blu-ray Aufbruch zum Mond2018Germany28295,8311.11.2020
40)Blu-ray The Aviator2004United States11469,3906.08.2010
41)Blu-ray Aviator2004Germany24513,5005.09.2019
42)Blu-ray Der Baader Meinhof Komplex2008Germany7040.0007.05.2009
43)DVD Babel2006United Kingdom9772,9923.04.2010
44)Blu-ray Backdraft - Männer, die durchs Feuer gehen1991Germany110510,9902.12.2010
45)Blu-ray Bad Company: Live at Wembley2010United Kingdom19917,6806.07.2016
46)Blu-ray Bad Moms 22017Germany26603,9913.06.2020
47)DVD Badlands1973United Kingdom10404,4911.08.2010
48)DVD Band of Outsiders1964United States25490.0017.12.2019
49)DVD Barton Fink1991Germany5842,0729.12.2008
50)Blu-ray Batman - Intégrale de la Série Animée1992France239519,7426.04.2019
Number of DVDs 3358
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  The 12 latest DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Police Story Box

Year of Production: 1985
Running Time: 334 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 5,00 EUR on 24.11.2021

(Release Date: 30.10.2015)
Mörderischer Tausch

Year of Production: 1996
Running Time: 115 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 5,00 EUR on 21.11.2021

(Release Date: 14.08.2015)
Mörderischer Tausch 2

Year of Production: 1998
Running Time: 90 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 5,00 EUR on 21.11.2021

(Release Date: 30.03.2018)

Year of Production: 2021
Running Time: 92 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.com
for 19,53 EUR on 20.11.2021

(Release Date: 22.06.2021)
Star Trek
The Original 4-Movie Collection

Year of Production: 1979
Running Time: 512 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.es
for 40,09 EUR on 20.11.2021

(Release Date: 09.09.2021)
Bourne: The Ultimate Collection

Year of Production: 2002
Running Time: 602 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.fr
for 49,99 EUR on 19.11.2021

(Release Date: 06.12.2016)
Harry Potter: 8-Film Collection

Year of Production: 2001
Running Time: 1179 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.es
for 36,77 EUR on 13.11.2021

(Release Date: 27.11.2017)
Private Parts

Year of Production: 1997
Running Time: 110 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 15.09.2020)

Year of Production: 1993
Running Time: 138 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 11.02.2021)
Housesitter - Lügen haben schöne Beine

Year of Production: 1992
Running Time: 102 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 27.09.2018)
König der Fischer

Year of Production: 1991
Running Time: 138 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 13.06.2013)

Year of Production: 2012
Running Time: 55 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 4,17 EUR on 08.11.2021

(Release Date: 30.08.2013)
  The 1 last ordered DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Edition Deutsche Vita

Year of Production: 1984
Running Time: 0 Minutes
Ordered at OFDB.de
for 34,98 EUR the 22.11.2021

(Release Date: 29.11.2021)
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