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#Movie TitleYearCountryNr.PriceDate of purchase
1)Blu-ray Mai dire mai1983Italy21395,0002.06.2017
2)Blu-ray 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi2016Italy20545,8925.11.2016
3)Blu-ray 47 Ronin2013Italy22167,1007.11.2017
4)Blu-ray A.I. intelligenza artificiale2001Italy26094,0029.02.2020
5)Blu-ray The Accountant2016Italy26124,0029.02.2020
6)Blu-ray Alfred Hitchcock Collection1954Italy276330,6620.09.2020
7)Blu-ray Anarchia: La notte del giudizio2014Italy20703,2516.12.2016
8)Blu-ray Blue Crush2002Italy18276,3212.08.2015
9)Blu-ray Boyhood2014Italy19205,9217.11.2015
10)Blu-ray Breaking Bad: La serie completa2008Italy29,5408.07.2015
11)Blu-ray Brian Di Nazareth1979Italy19665,0010.05.2016
12)Blu-ray Bullitt1968Italy21213,5204.05.2017
13)Blu-ray Chef - La ricetta perfetta2014Italy22187,1007.11.2017
14)Blu-ray Daddy's Home2015Italy20725,7116.12.2016
15)Blu-ray Deadpool2016Italy21034,4220.03.2017
16)Blu-ray Death Race: La Trilogia2008Italy5,9217.11.2015
17)Blu-ray Delitto perfetto1998Italy21375,9529.05.2017
18)Blu-ray Don't Say A Word2001Italy21293,5204.05.2017
19)Blu-ray El Dorado1966Italy21781,8319.09.2017
20)Blu-ray Dragon: La storia di Bruce Lee1993Italy19886,8330.06.2016
21)Blu-ray Driver - L'Imprendibile1978Italy19215,9217.11.2015
22)Blu-ray Elysium2013Italy27093,8607.07.2020
23)Blu-ray Essere John Malkovich1999Italy19605,0010.05.2016
24)Blu-ray Ex_Machina2015Italy19866,8330.06.2016
25)Blu-ray La fine del mondo2013Italy16294,4429.05.2014
26)Blu-ray Fino a prova contraria1999Italy26174,0009.03.2020
27)Blu-ray Four Brothers - Quattro fratelli2005Italy19136,0102.11.2015
28)Blu-ray Fuori in 60 secondi2000Italy19165,6602.11.2015
29)Blu-ray Gangs of New York2002Italy21233,5204.05.2017
30)Blu-ray La grande fuga1963Italy21253,5204.05.2017
31)Blu-ray Hair1979Italy16927,3113.11.2014
32)Blu-ray Harvey1950Italy19705,0010.05.2016
33)Blu-ray Highlander1986Italy15736,6609.09.2013
34)Blu-ray Hondo1953Italy21800.0019.09.2017
35)Blu-ray Il cavaliere della valle solitaria1953Italy21771,8319.09.2017
36)Blu-ray Il Grande Colpo1998Italy16233,6231.05.2014
37)Blu-ray Il grande Lebowski1998Italy19615,0010.05.2016
38)Blu-ray Il Grinta1969Italy21791,8319.09.2017
39)Blu-ray Il Principe cerca moglie1988Italy19197,2716.11.2015
40)Blu-ray Il Re Scorpione2002Italy20481,9315.11.2016
41)Blu-ray Il Re Scorpione 2 - Il Destino di un Guerriero2008Italy20601,9315.11.2016
42)Blu-ray Il Re Scorpione 3 - La Battaglia Finale2012Italy20501,9315.11.2016
43)Blu-ray Il socio1993Italy21365,9529.05.2017
44)Blu-ray Il tesoro dell'Amazzonia2003Italy18256,3212.08.2015
45)Blu-ray Indiana Jones: The Complete Adventures2012Italy40,6329.09.2012
46)Blu-ray Indiana Jones: 4-Movie Collection1981Italy303843,2131.08.2021
47)Blu-ray Insospettabili sospetti2017Italy26144,0009.03.2020
48)Blu-ray Ipotesi di complotto1997Italy18005,9923.03.2015
49)Blu-ray Jersey Boys2014Italy17986,0011.03.2015
50)Blu-ray The Karate Kid - Per vincere domani1984Italy16244,8331.05.2014
Number of DVDs 3323
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  The 12 latest DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Igby Goes Down

Year of Production: 2002
Running Time: 116 Minutes
Bought at Geschenk
on 04.09.2021

(Release Date: 20.11.2020)
Gangland - Cops unter Beschuss

Year of Production: 1997
Running Time: 116 Minutes
Bought at Geschenk
on 04.09.2021

(Release Date: 13.11.2020)
Der Koch, der Dieb, seine Frau und ihr Liebhaber

Year of Production: 1989
Running Time: 124 Minutes
Bought at Geschenk
on 04.09.2021

(Release Date: 28.08.2020)
Crank & Crank 2

Year of Production: 2013
Running Time: 187 Minutes
Bought at Geschenk
on 04.09.2021

(Release Date: 08.01.2010)
Transformers 5 Film Collection

Year of Production: 2007
Running Time: 767 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.it
for 33,58 EUR on 02.09.2021

(Release Date: 12.09.2018)
Indiana Jones: 4-Movie Collection

Year of Production: 1981
Running Time: 482 Minutes
Bought at Amazon.es
for 43,21 EUR on 31.08.2021

(Release Date: 08.06.2021)
Baby Driver / Premium Rush

Year of Production: 2012
Running Time: 0 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 3,99 EUR on 26.08.2021

(Release Date: 28.02.2019)
Midway - Für die Freiheit
Steelbook® Limited Edition

Year of Production: 2019
Running Time: 139 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 5,00 EUR on 26.08.2021

(Release Date: 13.03.2020)
Anatomie 1 & 2

Year of Production: 2000
Running Time: 0 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 18,00 EUR on 26.08.2021

(Release Date: 27.08.2021)
Die 5. Welle

Year of Production: 2016
Running Time: 112 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 8,49 EUR on 25.08.2021

(Release Date: 19.05.2016)
Erschütternde Wahrheit

Year of Production: 2015
Running Time: 123 Minutes
Bought at Amazon
for 7,99 EUR on 25.08.2021

(Release Date: 21.07.2016)
Der Detektiv
Große Film-Klassiker

Year of Production: 1968
Running Time: 109 Minutes
Bought at Nameless Shop
on 14.08.2021

(Release Date: 04.09.2006)
  The 4 last ordered DVDs  
Cover Movie Information Purchase Information
Spy Game - Der finale Countdown

Year of Production: 2001
Running Time: 127 Minutes
Ordered at JPC
for 4,55 EUR the 08.09.2021

(Release Date: 07.02.2013)
Is' was, Doc?

Year of Production: 1972
Running Time: 94 Minutes
Ordered at JPC
for 4,55 EUR the 08.09.2021

(Release Date: 20.08.2010)
A History of Violence

Year of Production: 2005
Running Time: 96 Minutes
Ordered at JPC
for 4,55 EUR the 08.09.2021

(Release Date: 24.05.2013)

Year of Production: 1973
Running Time: 94 Minutes
Ordered at JPC
for 4,55 EUR the 08.09.2021

(Release Date: 28.09.2017)
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