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#Movie TitleYearCountryNr.PriceDate of purchase
1)DVD Texas Payback1994Germany18093,0109.01.2016
2)DVD (Pressure) - Nichts ist gefährlicher als die Wahrheit!2002Germany32244,7931.01.2023
3)DVD Ein (un)möglicher Härtefall2003Germany8083,8025.01.2010
4)Blu-ray Mai dire mai1983Italy19935,0002.06.2017
5)Blu-ray Der 1. Ritter1995Germany29434,9707.02.2022
6)Blu-ray 10 anni di Blu-ray Paramount2016Italy10,0007.10.2017
7)Blu-ray 10 anni di Blu-ray Sony2016Italy10,0019.09.2017
8)DVD 10 Jahre "TV Total" - Die Jubiläums-DVD1999Germany150219,9427.02.2009
9)Blu-ray 10 Things I Hate About You1999United Kingdom13157,1404.11.2012
10)Blu-ray Die 1000 Augen der Ninja1985Germany30564,2922.08.2022
11)Blu-ray 11:14 - elevenfourteen2003Germany23352,5017.11.2019
12)DVD 12 Angry Men1957United Kingdom5382,6512.01.2009
13)4K Blu-ray 12 Monkeys1995United Kingdom320222,0031.12.2022
14)Blu-ray 12 Monkeys: The Complete Series2015United States0.0003.10.2022
15)Blu-ray 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi2016Italy19115,8925.11.2016
16)DVD Der 13te Krieger1999Germany5794,0204.03.2009
17)DVD The 13th Floor1999Germany432,9929.01.2005
18)DVD 16 Blocks2006Germany2437,0019.08.2007
19)Blu-ray 1871997Germany22390.0001.05.2019
20)DVD 19411979United Kingdom80112,9909.01.2010
21)DVD Die 21971Germany44020,0208.10.2008
22)Blu-ray 2 Nasen tanken Super1984Germany33289,9909.04.2023
23)DVD 2 Tage Paris2007Germany4444,9911.10.2008
24)DVD 2001 Maniacs2005Germany1935,0023.02.2007
25)Blu-ray 20122009Germany14315,1222.06.2013
26)DVD 23 - Nichts ist so wie es scheint.1999Germany4344,4004.10.2008
27)Blu-ray 24 - Legacy2017Germany25787,7929.08.2020
28)DVD 24 Season 1 + 22001Germany80,0002.05.2005
29)DVD 24: Season Three2003Germany13220,0004.05.2006
30)Blu-ray 24: Live Another Day2014Germany247210,4829.04.2020
31)Blu-ray 24: Redemption2008Japan248118,5704.05.2020
32)Blu-ray 24: Season 12001Japan247518,5704.05.2020
33)Blu-ray 24: Season 22002Japan247618,5704.05.2020
34)Blu-ray 24: Season 32003Japan247718,5704.05.2020
35)Blu-ray 24: Season 42005Japan247818,5704.05.2020
36)DVD 24: Season 52006Germany33121,5003.05.2008
37)Blu-ray 24: Season 52006Japan247918,5704.05.2020
38)Blu-ray 24: Season 62007Japan248018,5704.05.2020
39)Blu-ray 24: Season Eight: Die finale Season2010Germany24737,9629.04.2020
40)DVD 24: Season Eight: Die finale Season2010Germany14408,0003.07.2013
41)DVD 24: Season Four2005Germany33021,5003.05.2008
42)DVD 24: Season Seven2009Germany14398,0003.07.2013
43)Blu-ray 24: Season Seven2009Germany24716,5229.04.2020
44)DVD 24: Season Six2007Germany14388,0003.07.2013
45)4K Blu-ray 3 Engel für Charlie2000Germany29645,0023.04.2022
46)Blu-ray 3 Engel für Charlie: Volle Power2003Germany16636,6709.03.2015
47)DVD 3-Way2004Germany9625,0012.09.2010
48)Blu-ray 30 Rock: The Complete Series2006United States271927,9211.01.2021
49)Blu-ray 300 / 300: L'alba di un Impero2014Italy6,0011.03.2015
50)DVD Die 36 Kammern der Shaolin1978Germany23870.0017.12.2019
Number of DVDs 3517
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4 Film Favorites: Final Destination Collection (2000)
Blu-rayAll        Slipcover 
Overview   Details   Cast & Crew  
Movie Information:
Year of Production:2000
Country of Origin:United States
Running Time:6:03 hrs (363 minutes)
Rating:Ungeprüft (Film)
Blu-ray Information:
Profile Date:23.10.2020
Last Edited:16.04.2022
Country:United States
DVD Release:03.09.2013
Case Type:HD Slim, Slipcover
Media Companies:Warner Home Video
Purchased:16.04.2022 at WOW HD for 23,43 EUR
SRP: 18,27 EUR (24,98 USD)
Tags:Boxset - Keiner Nummer, Nicht gesichtet, aber bekannt

After a violently disruptive premonition leads a handful of passengers to disembark an ill-fated airliner before it takes off, Death — with all its ingenious contraptions of doom at the ready — stalks those survivors one by one in the gory, gleeful shocker that launched the fright-filled film series. Final Destination: the start of it all!


It's a matter of life and death when eight strangers narrowly escape a catastrophic freeway accident. Only a young girl's premonition saved them from a grisly end. But now that they have put a rift in Death's design, there is a price to pay — and it's going to be painful. Packed with eye-popping special effects and enough scares to send your heartbeat into overdrive. Final Destination 2 is a killer sequel to the smash-hit original. Fasten your seat belts and get ready for a horrifying ride...it may be your last!


Strap yourself in and hold on tight for the third installment of the Final Destination franchise — the most terrifying thrill ride ever! After high school student Wendy Christensen and her friends survive a deadly roller coaster ride while visiting an amusement park, they start being killed in even more gruesome ways. Wendy quickly realize that the nightmare isn't over yet...and that Death has returned to finish the job. But can she convince the rest of her friends before it's too late?


The movie series that taps into your deepest fears returns with a new and imaginative chapter that delivers the expected — in so many keep-you-guessing, unexpected ways! A strange premonition causes friends to abandon their day at the speedway, just before a crushing pileup hurtles cars into the bleachers with fiery consequences. They have cheated Death...but Death is only getting started. From the director of Snakes on a Plane comes the eerie, innovative tale of the friends' fierce fight to keep themselves and others alive.
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